NHS Endoscopy Insourcing

Endoscopy & Gastroenterology Insourcing 

Elective Services has merged with Leaders in Gastrointestinal Care London (LGCL) who provide extensive experience with insourcing endoscopy & gastroenterology outpatient services.

Elective Services provide teams of highly experienced and JAG accredited consultants and supportive staff (coordinators, nurses, HCAs, decontamination staff & even receptionists). Elective Services can provide consultants for clinics, full teams for endoscopy sessions and an innovative  'One-Stop' referral to treatment (RTT) cost effective pathway from outpatient clinics to diagnostics.

Our endoscopy sessions include gastroscopies, flexible sigmoidoscopies, colonoscopies, and therapeutic procedures. Our services extend to endoscopic ultrasonography, bowel cancer screening and other specialist services. Elective Services can manage your routine as well as urgent and target/two week referrals.

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More about our leaders can be found here : http://www.lgcl.co.uk

NHS Cardiology Insourcing

Cardiology Insourcing

Elective Services provides a full cardiology service from non – invasive/diagnostics to invasive subspecialties. We have teams of highly experienced physiologists who can undertake ECGs, ambulatory BP monitoring, excercise stress tests, holters and echocardiograms . We have cardiology specialists to perform stress echocardiograms and many more diagnostics.

Our consultant cardiologists are all highly experienced and leaders in their field with substantive NHS posts. They manage any outpatient clinics demands that your hospital is facing. We have specialised consultants who perform implantations of devices (from simple to complex devices) and perform electrophysiology and ablative procedures as well as simple and complex coronary interventions. With such sub-specialities we can supply the full complement of teams which could include anaesthetists, nurses, radiographers, specialised physiologists and consultants. 

NHS Urology Insourcing

Urology Insourcing

We offer a wide range of urological diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Our team comprises a full complement of senior and experienced urological surgeons, anaesthetists, ODAs, nurses and HCAs who can undertake and support procedures that are suitable for an insourcing environment. Having a pool of specialists results in less reliance of local manpower shortages and rapid mobilisation of our workforce at short notice nationally.

A non-exhaustive list of procedures that our team can undertake includes; urodynamic studies, prostate and bladder biopsies, cystoscopies and therapeutic bladder injections, peno-genital surgery, TURBT, TURP, UROLIFT, laser treatment to urinary tract stones and other high energy procedures.

Our consultants also undertake outpatient clinics and can therefore offer a full end to end pathway solutions.

NHS Surgery Insourcing

General Surgery Insourcing

We cover a wide range of surgical procedures. All our consultants are general surgery experts who have extensive experience in specialised sub specialities.

The extensive list of surgical operations our consultants can undertake, includes but not limited to : colorectal, laparoscopic procedures,  hernia repairs and many more.

Elective Services can provide highly experienced consultant surgeons along with a full complement of supportive theatre staff. 

NHS Pain management Insourcing

Pain Management Insourcing

Our Consultants offer a full end to end pathway service for patients who have been suffering with chronic pain.

This covers conditions such as: neck (whiplash), back, leg (sciatica), headaches (facial pain), nerve pain (neuropathic pain, neuralgia), visceral (abdominal pelvic), soft tissue musculo-skeletal pain (fibromyalgia), and sports injuries.

During our outpatient consultations, patients will be offered investigations where appropriate and recommended a personal treatment plan.

This will comprise a range of recommendations from: neuropathic medication, interventional procedures (image guided nerve blocks or joint injections) and recommendations on psychological pain management strategies where available.

We will also advise merits of onward referral to other medical specialities where appropriate eg. rheumatology, neurology or spine/ neurosurgery. 

NHS Neurology Insourcing

Neurology & Neurophysiology Insourcing

Elective Services can clear any backlogs of neurology referrals. During our outpatient clinics, our consultants diagnose and treat patients with general neurological conditions. As with all specialities, our consultants offer continuity of service. Our neurology service is consultant Led and consultant delivered.

We offer a range of neurophysiology investigations. Our team can undertake NCS, EMG & EEGs. We have a large team of consultants and specialist physiologists who are all lead by our clinical director for neurophysiology. 

Other Specialties we provide services for 

Surgical Specialities

Oral medicine & Surgery
Plastic and reconstructive surgery
Restorative Dentistry
Vascular Surgery
Thyroid Surgery 

Medicine Specialities

Endocrinology & Diabetes

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