NHS Insourcing & clearing backlogs                

Our insourcing solutions range from clearing a one-off waiting list backlog to offering a continuity of service which keeps your NHS hospitals waiting times within 18 weeks. We have the capacity in staff and resources to cater for most specialities that are in demand. 

With our personable professional approach we have built many working relationships with NHS hospitals and provided them with an impeccable ongoing services. We listen to our clients’ needs and make our service adaptable to suit their requirements.
NHS Insourcing Specialists

Insourcing of Clinical Services

Elective Services is one of the original & current providers on the NHS Shared Business Services Framework (NHS SBS) and NHS North Of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative framework (NOE CPC).

What does this mean for the NHS Hospitals?
-  You are in safer hands using a recognised company that has  passed all the framework’s rigorous checks.
-  OJEU compliance
-  Clinical governance & compliance.
-  Simple tendering processes.
-  Direct award to Elective Services rather than the tender     process.

Why Choose Elective Services?

  • Expertise in Insourcing of clinical services.
  • Offering full end to end pathways
  • Teams of staff are expertly led by our clinical directors and senior nurses
  • Strict system of governance, receiving feedback from patients, undertaking frequent audits of all aspects of the service to ensure that the best service is offered to patients
  • Feedback from patients and trusts is consistently positive, reflecting the highest quality, efficiency and dedication of our teams
  • Short and long-term solutions
  • Teams can be mobilised within 2 weeks or less
  • Proven track records
  • Competitive rates
  • Dedicated business manager appointed to all projects

Insourcing presentation video

A promotional video presenting Elective Services insourcing services and dedication to reduce and manage NHS hospitals patient waiting lists

More presentations can be found in Media

The Calibre of Our Staff

Elective Services Insourcing surgeons operating on patients to reduce backlogs of operations



We have a large pool of medical professionals who are highly experienced in reducing NHS patient waiting lists 



All our medical professionals have substantive posts in the NHS, highly accredited and are experts in their fields



Our staff are all compliant, thoroughly vetted and measured against KPIs


Upto Date

Our staff are all kept up to date with their respective body’s clinical best practises and updates 
Our staff are from a World Class Centre of Excellence and CQC facilities 

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